Assistance with basic housekeeping
and hygiene needs

Affordable In Home Care
Offers Housekeeping Services
to Vienna, WV

Affordable In Home Care offers housekeeping services for those unable to perform daily tasks in Vienna, WV. Whether you are suffering from an injury, illness, or unable to do chores because of age, our staff can help. We work to maintain our client’s dignity and independence by assisting in household chores while they live alone. From running errands, to doing laundry, Affordable In Home Care can help. Call us today at (304) 483-0314 to learn about our housekeeping services.

Laundry, Cleaning, and More for Residents
of the Mid-Ohio Valley

When recovering from surgery, or just being unable to lift, bend, or climb stairs, cleaning and other house work may pile up. Affordable In Home Care offers housekeeping services, including laundry, dusting, mopping, cleaning up after meals, and many other regular household tasks. If you would like to do the chore yourself, but feel more comfortable with someone else around in case you need help, we can do that, too. The staff at Affordable In Home Care understands that they are in your home to provide assistance, and will not overstep any boundaries. Our goal is your safety.

If you are interested in learning more about our housekeeping services, contact Affordable In Home Care today. We proudly serve residents of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Affordable In Home Care Assists
with Basic Hygiene Needs

Depending on age and abilities, getting in and out of the shower or bathtub, using the bathroom, getting dressed, and other basic hygiene needs may not be easily met.

Affordable In Home Care will match you or your loved one with a qualified staff member to help complete basic hygiene tasks. Whether it is bathing, changing clothes, or using the bathroom, our compassionate and experienced staff can help. Contact us today to discuss your personal care assistance needs.

Housekeeping for Clients with
Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia

If your loved one is in need of housekeeping to go along with their Alzheimer’s care or dementia care services, Affordable In Home Care can help. We provide 24/7 monitoring, housekeeping, and companionship for clients with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia.

Our specialized personal care aids and registered nurses can keep your loved one safe while they are still living at home.